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Meet Debbie

I am a qualified Behaviourist, with a primary focus on Canine and Equine Behaviour. My passion for working with dogs and horses stretches back over 20 years and in that time, there's very little I haven't come across when it comes to animal behaviour! I trained at Bristol Vetinary School and worked for The Dog's Trust for over a decade, where we dealt with on average, 1000 rescue dogs per year.

I treat each animal as if it was my own, using only positive methods in my training. I love working with both owner and animal to help you understand why your animal is behaving in a certain way. We then put a plan in place with together in order to move forwards.

I have four companion dogs who follow me everywhere and an Irish Sports Horse who's a dressage champion, but would much rather be jumping! 

Please do give me a call for a free consultation.

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Canine Training & Behaviour
How I Can Help

Affected by their roles in society, including predicting, preventing and treating behaviour perceived as problematic by their owners.

This can include:

  • Fear Anxiety (Towards both Dogs or Humans

  • Separation 

  • Phobias of Fireworks, Cars or Travel

  • Basic Obedience

  • Aggression / Possession

And so many more. 

For a full list of services, please click More Info.

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Equine Training & Behaviour
How I Can Help

We can help you understand why your horse is behaving like it is in certain scenarios and situations. Undertaking yard and home visits for evaluation and training.

We use positive, force free, science based programmes including clickers, to shape new behaviours. These programmes aim to boost the confidence of both animal & owner and create a better connection between the two.

Issues we commonly deal with include;

  • Aggression towards people

  • Fear & Phobias (Clippers / Loading / Tacking Up / Mounting Block etc)

  • Performance Issues

For a free consultation, please get in touch.

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Based in Evesham, Worcestershire

07756 373482

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